Wednesday, March 22, 2006

John Berger: poems


In the morning
folded with its wild flowers
washed and ironed
it takes up little space in the drawer.

Shaking it open
she ties it round her head.

In the evening she pulls it off
and lets it fall
still knotted to the floor.

On a cotton scarf
among printed flowers
a working day
has written its dream.


You have filled the thermos with coffee
packed our footprints if needed
to throw into the jaws
of the untestifying
eternal snow.

Together as carpenters with hammers
we have taught the distance
how to build a roof
from the trees
we run between.

In the silence behind
we no more hear the faraway
question of the summer house:
And tomorrow where
shall we go?

At dusk the harnessed dogs fear
there is no end to the forest.
And each night in the snow
we calm them
with our surprising laughter.


In a pocket of earth
I buried all the accents
of my mother tongue

there they lie
like needles of pine
assembled by ants

one day the stumbling cry
of another wanderer
may set them alight

then warm and comforted
he will hear all night
the truth as lullaby


~≈βεoωųℓf≈~ said...

thank you for posting these Berger poems. rare to come across them online.

jose luis regojo said...

My hommage to John Berger

Kois Muhammad Irpan said...

its... Beautiful Poems

Kois Muhammad Irpan said...

its... Beautiful Poems