Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Li-Young Lee

Eating Together

In the steamer is the trout
seasoned with slivers of ginger,
two sprigs of green onion, and sesame oil.
We shall eat it with rice for lunch,
brothers, sister, my mother who will
taste the sweetest meat of the head,
holding it between her fingers
deftly, the way my father did
weeks ago. Then he lay down
to sleep like a snow-covered road
winding through pines older than him,
without any travelers, and lonely for no one.


Girl on a Wire said...

Thak you August for those words.

As a lighter aside, I am sitting typing with the office dog lounging on my lap - she is missing her favourite companion, who is today driving back to Poland for Christmas. We miss her already and not just for the strong sweet Polish coffee she supplies us with every day.

Glamourpuss said...

Life goes on. It is the spaces we need to watch for.


August said...

GW: I love Polish coffee! And a Polish Christmas is pretty magical. I’m sure your new fella is very happy with you.

Puss, you’ve said it. If all my poems could emanate those spaces, I’d be very pleased. In so few words you are so wise.