Monday, January 30, 2012

Anne Carson


When my brother died (unexpectedly) his
widow couldn't find a phone number for me among his
papers until two weeks later. While I swept my porch
and bought apples and sat by the window in the evening
with the radio on, his death came wandering slowly
towards me across the sea.

Nox by Anne Carson; 2010


Estermann Meyer said...

Really cool blog, loved the name too...What about the rest of the preface from Capote? I was curious to read it, looks like great writing...I used to live in Berlin, missed it a lot, great city. Well, I'll keep checking in here, congratulations on the work, my kindest regards!

Penal-Colony said...

Seems to me Carson and Sebald are very similar. I think it's because both lack what Coleridge called 'The Primary Imagination'.