Thursday, June 29, 2006

Hsi Muren (2 poems)

An Invitation

Should we go see the fireworks?
Let’s go
go see how

Fiery blossoms generate ever more fiery blossoms
Dreams procreate ever more dreams.

Together let’s walk along the desolate shore,
looking up at the night sky.

The wild ecstasy and piercing pains of life
All at this fleeting instant.

Like fireworks.

Seven Miles of Fragrance

["Seven miles of fragrance" is known in China as a plant with petite yellowish flowers of lingering fragrance.]

The rivers rush into sea.
The tides yearn for land.

By the fence of green trees and white flowers
We have so carelessly waved our good-byes.

twenty rough years afterward

Our spirits return here every night
When fanned by a gentle breeze
transfigured into a garden of rich aroma.

From Across the Darkness of the River, Green Integer 38

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B said...

Thanks for sharing. I love Hsi muren's poems, flowery and quiet. Translating her poems into English was a great hobby of mine...